Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Beginning at Last Album Review

Come one, come all! For the Beginning is here at last!

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Artist: The Beginning at Last
Album: The Beginning at Last
Release Date: August 7, 2015
Genre: Rap/Rock


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Straight out of the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, The Beginning at Last are here to deliver their most powerful release to date. Emotionally driven lyrics combined with an onslaught of dual-guitar crunch will leave fans breathless (and maybe even a little sweaty).

Riding high on the success of their previous album, Have It All, The Beginning at Last have once again taken their eclectic sound & style to the next level. On their latest, self-titled effort, they have really come together to create something special. Lyrically & sonically, you can tell that this record comes from a very personal place with subject matter ranging from inner demons & divorce to faith & politics. The vocal deliverance is outstanding; like a proverbial “yin & yang”. Each song weaves an intricate web of Andrew Boss’s “in-your-face” aggressive rapping with Eric Wolcott’s rock royalty, powerhouse vocals. Not to mention the list of killer, guest appearances such as Jahred Gomes of Hed PE, on the brutal, neck-breaking track “No Way Out”. Two tracks also feature Andrew’s insanely talented, younger brother, Zeb Boss.

This album is also a big step forward instrumentally as well. You can really hear and feel that is more of a group effort. Although they still preserve their signature sound, this record is very guitar-driven. The six-string tag-team of Kevin Crocheron and Brian Lantz offer up more than enough riffage to please any metal head. Stand out tracks such as Encore, Closer, and Forget Reality really showcase what these guys are capable of. Their ability to seamlessly infuse crunchy “Sabbath-esque” riffs and southern rock twang with hip hop beats is second to none.

Over all, this record delivers on every level. Each song is unique, yet familiar. Every riff, every hook, and every chorus is catchy enough to stick in your head without driving you insane. With enough of the heavy to bang your head to and enough groove to shake your ass to, what more could you really ask for? So do yourself a favor and go pick this one up, you will not be disappointed.

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